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4,4’ - Dihydroxy Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS Number : [80-09-1]
Molecular Formula : C12H10O4S
  • Manufacturing of Polyether sulfone (PES) & Polyether sulfone ketone.(PESK) 
  • In thermal paper coating as the replacement for Bisphenol A. As Bisphenol A is harmful for the enviroment, it is being phased out globally. DMCC has developed a replacement, Bisphenol S
  • Manufacturing of Poly (arylene ether nitrile sulfone).

Benzene Sulfonic Acid

CAS Number : [98-11-3]
Molecular Formula : C6H6O3S
  • Intermediates in Dyes, Pharma, Agrochemicals
  • Catalyst for esterification reactions

Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride

CAS Number : [98-09-9]
Molecular Formula : C6H5SO2CI
  • Starting material for Violet 23 & cobalt phthalocyanine dye
  • Intermediate for agro chemicals  viz. insecticides
  • In manufacture of Benzene Sulfonamide, surface active agents, sulfa drugs, esters by dehydration for perfumery products, lubricating oil additives
  • Promoter in low hysteresis processing of carbon black rubber mixes
  • Improvements in the production of polymerisation products using halogen compounds to increase the effectiveness of sulfonation during polymerisation
  • Catalyst in furan resins
  • Brightening additive for nickel electroplating

Diethyl Sulfate

CAS Number : [64-67-5]
Molecular Formula : (C2H5 )2SO4
  • Ethylating agent in the manufacture of aromatic and aliphatic ethers, amines, amides, esters and imides carbozole for dyestuff, pharmaceutical and flavour synthesis
  • Hardener for cresol formaldehyde resin manufacture
  • Stabilizer for organophosphrous insecticide