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3,3’ - Diamino Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS Number : [599-61-1]
Molecular Formula : C12H12N2O2S
  • In polymer industry for carbon fibre composite
  • In manufacture of epoxy resins

3,3’ - Dinitro Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS Number : [1228-53-1]
Molecular Formula : C12H8N2O6S
  • Intermediate in organic synthesis
  • In manufacturing of 3,3 Diamino Diphenyl Sulfone

4,4’ - Dichloro Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS Number : [98-09-9]
Molecular Formula : C12H8O2SCl2
  • Intermediate for DAPSONE
  • Monomer in engineering polymers

4,4’ - Dihydroxy Diphenyl Sulfone

CAS Number : [80-09-1]
Molecular Formula : C12H10O4S
  • Manufacturing of Polyether sulfone (PES) & Polyether sulfone ketone.(PESK) 
  • In thermal paper coating as the replacement for Bisphenol A. As Bisphenol A is harmful for the enviroment, it is being phased out globally. DMCC has developed a replacement, Bisphenol S
  • Manufacturing of Poly (arylene ether nitrile sulfone).

Benzene Sulfonamide

CAS Number : [98-10-2]
Molecular Formula : C6H7NO2S
  • Intermediate in Organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, dyes, plasticizers and fungicides
  • Esterification catalyst and corrosion inhibitor
  • In electroplating and latex industries
  • Raw material for production of blowing agents & pesticides

Benzene Sulfonic Acid

CAS Number : [98-11-3]
Molecular Formula : C6H6O3S
  • Intermediates in Dyes, Pharma, Agrochemicals
  • Catalyst for esterification reactions

Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride

CAS Number : [98-09-9]
Molecular Formula : C6H5SO2CI
  • Starting material for Violet 23 & cobalt phthalocyanine dye
  • Intermediate for agro chemicals  viz. insecticides
  • In manufacture of Benzene Sulfonamide, surface active agents, sulfa drugs, esters by dehydration for perfumery products, lubricating oil additives
  • Promoter in low hysteresis processing of carbon black rubber mixes
  • Improvements in the production of polymerisation products using halogen compounds to increase the effectiveness of sulfonation during polymerisation
  • Catalyst in furan resins
  • Brightening additive for nickel electroplating

Chloro Sulphonic Acid (Commercial Grade)

CAS Number : 7790-94-5
Molecular Formula : Cl SO2OH
  •  To prepare sulfonic acids, which are useful in detergents and as chemical intermediates
  •  Intermediate in various sulfonating agents

Diethyl Ether

CAS Number : [60-29-7]
Molecular Formula : C4H10O
  • In ink manufacturing
  • Solvent in pharmaceutical industries

Diethyl Sulfate

CAS Number : [64-67-5]
Molecular Formula : (C2H5 )2SO4
  • Ethylating agent in the manufacture of aromatic and aliphatic ethers, amines, amides, esters and imides carbozole for dyestuff, pharmaceutical and flavour synthesis
  • Hardener for cresol formaldehyde resin manufacture
  • Stabilizer for organophosphrous insecticide

Diphenyl Sulfone (Paper Grade)

CAS Number : [127-63-9]
Molecular Formula : C12H10O2S
  • Thermal paper coating as sensitizers
  • Raw material for 3,3 Dinitro Diphenyl Sulfone

Diphenyl Sulfone (Polymer Grade)

CAS Number : [127-63-9]
Molecular Formula : C12H10O2S
  • Solvent in the manufacturing of PEEK (poly-ether-ether ketone) engineering plastics
  • Raw material for the manufacturing of potassium salt of diphenyl sulfone -3 sulfonic acid (KSS), KSS
    is halogen free flame retardant for transparent polycarbonate

Isethionic Acid Sodium Salt

CAS Number : [1562-00-1]
Molecular Formula : C2H5O4SNa
  • Amphoteric surfactants  used in soap bar 
  • In detergent formulations in wool and silk weave industry
  • Component of  mild bath soaps and toothpastes 


CAS Number : [2736-23-4]
Molecular Formula : C7H5Cl2NO4S
  • Intermediate for the manufacture of Frusemide which is used as a diuretic and anti-hypertensive

Menthyl Lactate

CAS Number : [61597-98-6]
Molecular Formula :
  • Cost effective replacement of menthol
  • Cooling agent for home and personal care 

Methane Sulphonic Anhydride

CAS Number : [7143-01-3]
Molecular Formula : (CH3SO2)2O
  • Powerful Sulfonylating reagent
  • Primary and Secondary alcohols are oxidized to carbonyl compounds by Methane Sulphonic Anhydride in DMSO
  • In preparation of mesylates
  • In manufacture of Dorzolamide

Methyl Ester Of Benzenesulfonic Acid

CAS Number : [80-18-2]
Molecular Formula : C7H8O3S
  • Intermediate for analgesic drugs
  • Important trans methylating agent. Selective methylation where Dimethyl Sulfate cannot be used because of reactivity

Methyl Para-Tolunesulfonate

CAS Number : [80-48-8]
Molecular Formula : C8H10O3S
  • Raw material for dyes and organic synthesis
  • Methylating agent 

N-Butyl Benzene Sulfonamide

CAS Number : [3622-84-2]
Molecular Formula : C10H15NO2S
  • Plasticizer for polyacetals, polycarbonates, polysulphones , nylon 11,12 and 6 

Oleum 23% (Commercial Grade)

CAS Number : 8014-95-7
Molecular Formula : H2SO4
  • Raw material for caprolactum , nylon and other dyestuff 
  • Nitration process in combination with nitric acid