Corporate Social Responsibility


DMCC actively contributes towards the social and economic development of the communities. In this regard, various activities are performed.

Local Employment

DMCC is a major employer and encourages local talent to apply for open position. Apart from full time employment, traineeships and internships are offered. Students and fresh graduates can gain invaluable experience.


DMCC supports local schools by way of grants scholarships and provision stationary and supplies.

Upgrading Skills

Employees are encouraged to upgrade skills through training programs and continuing education. External as well as internal programs are regularly conducted for all employees. Employees opting for executive education courses are fully supported.


DMCC ensures that all its manufacturing plants operate within the parameter laid down by the respective State Pollution Control Boards. Full fledged waste treatment facilities are operated even with effluent being discharged to a common ETP. The R&D Team is actively involved to reduce effluent generated by manufacturing processes. By-products are developed instead of effluent being treated, which is what DMCC calls a “Waste to Wealth” philosophy.


DMCC wants all plant personnel to go home in the same or better physical condition than compared to when they arrive at work. This policy extends to all stakeholders, such as transport operators, contractors and residents in and around the plants. Training programs are conducted, Safety Week is celebrated to increase awareness and mock emergency drills are conducted regularly. For the local community, DMCC sponsors several programs such as:
- Blood Donation Camps
- Eye Testing Camps
- Pulse Polio Abhiyan
- Medical Tests
All DMCC and contract personnel undergo regular medical tests. A doctor is available at our plant daily. An ambulance is on standby 24×7 for an emergency within the factory or in the neighbouring community.


On 4th May, 2014, about 5 compartments of Diva-Sawantwadi passenger train derailed near Roha. At that time DMCC Safety Squad had taken active part in rescue operations. DMCC have also provided Ambulance free of cost for the rescue operations.

DMCC CSR Activities

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